"Kim nicely handles intricate, recurring themes and images, . . . an enticing first book that reveals plenty of potential."
Kirkus Reviews

"Tae Kim gives readers a vivid picture of Asian American society and how the Asian culture still remains prominent in their lives at many levels of society. 'War With Pigeons' is an intriguing and fascinating novel, highly recommended."
Midwest Book Review

"a beautifully written novel. Tae Kim's talents show in his narrative ability and effortless storytelling . . . . a fresh look at the Korean American experience, . . . a convincing exploration of the . . . universal need for love and acceptance." 
Bill Drucker for
Korean Quarterly

"undeniably beautiful and rather poetic. . . . Filled with detailed, thoughtfully drawn and engaging characters, with a great flow to the story . . . , this novel grabs you and does not let go . . . . a well written book."
Reader Views

Tae Kim acquits himself admirably in his psycho-social thriller War With Pigeons. He carries the Korean American novelist's burden heroically while building page-turning momentum toward a neat climax."
GoldSea Asian American Media

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". . . suspenseful, thrilling, and in my opinion - a piece of literary talent at its finest."
Barbara Watkins for Bookpleasures

one of the most unique and interesting books of the year."
HJ Lee for

"this book has everything that make for an exciting read - violence, crime, hot women, prostitutes, sex, thugs, evil religious freaks, infidelity, murder, and suspense with lots of money exchanging hands."

 out of 5 Stars
"a story that will touch your heart."